Hello! Welcome to Wedding Your Way! I am an interior designer, DIY’er, farmhouse lover, musician, photographer, mother and wife. Over the years as I have been practicing design, I’ve made it my personal challenge to find clients exactly what they want for a bargain price! This business was created with exactly that in mind—after watching a friend plan her wedding on a tight budget. She wanted a "one of a kind" wedding but didn't want to spend a lot of money or have a bunch of leftover wedding stuff she'd either have to sell or find somewhere to store them. The designer in me decided there needed to be a simpler way. There needed to be a way to have a beautiful, original, wedding without spending thousands of dollars, and having lots of leftover decorations. There needed to be a way to get all the decor you needed, but more importantly, wanted and yet still make it easy to set up; and as a mom of three, I also needed something I could do from home. Wedding Your Way was born.

Located in Provo, Utah. 

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