What does DIY mean?
It means that you pick up the decorations, and you and a small team of helpers set it up just the way we have discussed during your one hour consultation with me. Your team will also take down and return the items as we will discuss.

What’s the best way to pick-up, set up and return the items?
The best thing to do is find a team of people who can do this for you (ie, your parents, groom’s parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.) I make it simple to set up and take down the decor with my organized storage bins; and because we will have sat down and discussed the layout, set up will be a “piece of cake” (pun intended)!

Can I bring someone with me to my consultation?
Absolutely! In fact this is encouraged. This person should be someone who will help pick-up, set-up, and take down the decorations. It is helpful for them to come to this consult so they can ask any questions they have and get a clear understanding of exactly what you want.

What should we use to pick up the items?
A pick-up truck will be able to carry most of it, but you'll definitely need another vehicle to carry smaller items (two trucks would be the easiest).

If I have any leftover items can I donate them to you?
This would be amazing! And if you ever need to use my services again, you’ll get a discounted price.

Will you buy any of my own leftover decorations?
I would love to look at them and consider them. Just bring them with you when you return your items and tell me what price you would want for them.

What if I want more things than are available in my package?
Just let me know, I have other items that you can rent along with your package for a small extra fee.

What if you don’t have something I want?
Again, just let me know! I love to make my brides blissfully happy. If I don’t currently have it, I will look into acquiring it. A small fee may apply, but I will let you know beforehand.

What types of payment do you take?
I accept Venmo, cash, or check.

Can I get a refund? What if I cancel my wedding?

If you change your mind 24 hours before the consultation I will return your $50. If you have paid in full after the consult, but need to cancel, you will be refunded everything but $50. 

What if the items I wanted to rent are being used at another wedding the same week?

I try to have many great options for you in case this happens. My suggestion would be to schedule your consult as quickly as you can to reserve your items.

Have another question? Simply contact me.
Have a beautiful day

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